DJ brimLo

Galvin LeDaris McKinney was born on February 9, 1984, in Greenwood, Mississippi to Ruth Lott. When he was three years old he moved to Biloxi, Mississippi with his parents Ruth and Kenneth McKinney, Sr. Both parents were heavily involved in the church he grew up in, Faith Tabernacle of Praise. His mother spent some time working with the church-run daycare. During that time his father dabbled in different avenues, from the gospel radio station operated by the pastor to playing the drums with the praise team. Around the age of 6, he could often be found wondering into the main sanctuary to play the drum set. The pastor’s son, whom Galvin looked up to at the time, played trumpet in the high school band.  At the age of eleven, he joined the school band and chose the trumpet.

At the age of twelve, his family moved to Fulton, Mississippi (about 15 miles east of Tupelo, birthplace to Elvis Presley) where his dad grew up. Typically, during school holidays, his family would visit his mother’s relatives in Carrolton, MS.  While in the northeast part of the state his father started a church of his own.  With a strong affinity for music, this self-taught musician would soon be ordained in the role of Worship Director. His dad, Kenneth McKinney, Sr, was a standout athlete in many sports and Galvin was expected to follow in his footsteps. He did so by playing football and basketball throughout his HS tenure. Although a talented linebacker, he was never a big fan of the game.  His passion and desire for basketball was unrivaled. He signed with Itawamba Community College, after high school, and played basketball for 2 years. He had intentions to walk-on at his father’s alma mater, Delta State University, but decided to focus on the development of his music career saying “there were too many politics in sports”.

The humble beginnings of his career set forth in Texas March 2007, answering to the alias g. LeDaris. GOoD Stuph Entertainment was a short-lived recording label he and a colleague created. He also headed a production label named Weighted Keyz. A great deal of time was spent in the first 18-months pursuing clients for production work in the central Texas area. By the year 2009 over twenty-five songs had released that featured production work from then g. LeDaris, more commonly called G-Dot. The sum total of songs mixed by him hovered around sixty. He primarily worked at Fifth Street Studios, located in downtown Austin. Many of this clients benefited from the non-stop work ethic he often demonstrated.

Well before Galvin would ever answer to the alias brimLo he already wore many hats, producing and engineering records by day and performing his own catalog at night. The summer of 2011 he met Educated Minds at an artist showcase. They developed a friendship and invited him to another show where he brought his turntables and played the role of DJ for the showcase when he wasn’t performing. The following year Educated Minds invited him to DJ at a performance they had at Bat Bar on Austin’s historic Sixth Street. He being their go to DJ would open the door to being discovered by the club GM. He began to fill in for their previous resident who was announcing his retirement.

By 2014 DJ brimLo would become the alias known to most. With an ever-growing catalogue of songs, he started slowing down on accepting clientele to produce and mix for hire. He was inspired by his close friend, SK The Greatest, who sought his assistance in the Mastering of his first LP, GMGO Music Presents: SK The Greatest. Many songs within his personal catalogue had guest features from Bavu Blakes, Victwan Hudson & DoUBangBeats of Educated Minds.

DJ brimLo found himself frustrated with his career around December 2016. He relocated to Austin with the sole intention of launching his music career. He stated well over half of the content he had worked on as a producer and/or engineer never released properly in the marketplace. Therefore when he would speak with colleagues about his resume it lacked the visibility reflecting his diligence to the craft. He would spend all of January thru mid-March dedicated to the release of his first solo album, Awkward Love Letters. Amongst his catalogue of music, felt this was the easiest to relate. What better way to introduce yourself to the listening public, than with an awkward love story or two.

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