production by DJ BRIMLO
recorded and mixed DJ BRIMLO at THA MUZIQUE PHAKTORY

Intro – DJ brimLo
It’s your boy DJ brimLo checking in
And I would like to present to some
And introduce to others Bavu Blakes

Verse 1 – Bavu Blakes
Uh, yeah, I, set it off with a blessin’ in the message
I’m like everyday’s a holiday in the present time, right
Wrote a song about love, no valentine
Walk into the light, no Caroline
We rejoice when we sing, no caroling
Uh, nevertheless note carrying
Yes put my stamp on it when i express
First class, neither second nor next best
First off I appreciate and give thanks
For my breath every morning knowin’ it stanks
Blow it out keep it movin’, no stiff planks
Still waters run deep, except fishtanks
Raps for the noonday and the midnight
Check out my forecast that’s right big bright
Hold steady no fluctuating
Now just you wait and see

Chorus – Eric Levels
I’ve gotta big bright future ahead of me, (Said yes I do), me
I’ve gotta big bright future ahead of me, (Just for me), me
(Me (Repeat x10)
Oh my, yeah, yeah yeah, Just for me, Oh

Verse 2 – Bavu Blakes
Oh yes, there’s a blessin’ in the message and it’s two fold
For the young folks but, ya never too old
Life’s too short, how you gon spend it
What’s the difference between livin’ a second and a minute
(Wow) Why you still talkin’ then
Plenty open doors, why you ain’t walkin’ in
Put ya grind over glory, faith over fear
So, I can see you bout to shine way over here (Oh yea)
I remember just tryna make it thru the day
Now I got enough to look forward to for the year
Haters and doubters I don’t worry bout ’em
They can’t e-much do me naadaa hakunamataataa
I’d much rather walk straight than sit
It’s enough to make ya trip cause it takes a bit
But I know, the outcome of this relationship
Is so big time brighter than the Vegas strip (This I know)

Chorus – Eric Levels
I’ve gotta big bright future ahead of me, (I know I do, yeah yeah), me
I’ve gotta big bright future ahead of me, (And it’s brighter than me), me
(Me (Repeat x10)
Oh my, and I can’t wait to see it
It’s for me, And this I know, Oh

Verse 3 – DJ brimLo
It’s brimLo sounding off thru the speakers
Three stripe hype on my feet when I greet ya
Michael J Fox flow, coming forward
Delorean I stay moving toward
Toll paid with them sins in the shade
Tried to keep them on the low like a south side fade
I roll tight three deep like the north side braids
Too proud but still beg for government aide
My shadow reflected humility injected
Temptations of my past is now deflected
Accepting my faults I deal with the facts
Because I can’t look back I might get off track
Now previous to after, there was the before
But no need to reminisce we all know the score
Get to pointing fingers every time I hit the floor
But I tell you what, one thing’s for sure

Chorus – Eric Levels
I’ve gotta big bright future ahead of me, (Yes I do, Yes I do), me
I’ve gotta big bright future ahead of me, (And it’s comin’, Yeah, yeah, Ooh), me
(Me (Repeat x10)
Yeah, yeah, oh me,
It’s comin’ to me
And It’s for sure, Oh

Outro – DJ brimLo
I really like that right there, I see that smile
That’s infectious and somebody else will catch that
If you stand by ‘em long enough
Now this is what we’re gon do
(Big Bright Future x4)
You’re gonna sing those three words
And Eric Levels is gonna make you feel good
That’s my friend Eric. Gon’ and talk to ‘em Eric, Let’s work

Vamp – Eric Levels
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Future that’s just what you are
Oh yeah